Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Changing the guard

This topic leads to stories about leadership and change:

personally began led figure including personal made work role long image strong life close state leader year political years

There are nine cables:

06HAVANA8633 2006-04-20
Castro has reduced his public profile
since February, but rumors of debilitating ill health are

06BARCELONA179 2006-12-01
Jose Montilla received the medal signifying his position as President
from out-going President Pascal Maragall

07HAVANA5 2007-01-03
Cuban media carried a New Years message from
Fidel Castro noting the passing of 48 years since he assumed

07ISLAMABAD5388 2007-12-28
The Pakistan Muslim League has unofficially selected former Punjab Chief Minister, Chaudhry Pervaiz Elahi, as its candidate for the Prime Ministership following the January 2008 national elections

08ASUNCION358 2008-06-02
President-elect Fernando Lugo will need to rely on his diverse background to govern Paraguay and hold together the varied interests in his political coalition

As Gordon Brown lurches from political disaster to disaster, Westminster is abuzz with speculation about whether he will be replaced as Prime Minister and Labour Party leader

09PRETORIA954 2009-05-12
Jacob Zuma, the President of the ruling African National Congress party (ANC), was inaugurated as the fourth post-apartheid president of South Africa

09AMMAN1689 2009-07-28
Anti-Palestinian hooliganism and slogans denigrating the Palestinian origins of both the Queen and the Crown Prince led to the cancellation ...

09STOCKHOLM679 2009-10-30
WHO IS SWEDISH PRIME MINISTER FREDRIK REINFELDT? we wanted to give you some background on this composed and reflective individual ...

09SANTIAGO919 2009-12-02
In his short political career, Enriquez-Ominami
has distinguished himself primarily by bucking the political
establishment and refusing to toe the party line while
simultaneously leveraging his establishment connections

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