Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Brasil's shootdown program

Did you know that Brazil has a program to shoot down planes suspected of smuggling drugs?

One of the 512 topics identified from the #cablegate corpus has the following keywords:

provide comdabra aircraft notes braf exchange machado safety shootdown information traffic gob ref abd procedures control air program force

This identifies three cables:

04BRASILIA1938 2004-08-02 20:08
GOB would provide information to the USG about the status of Brazil's shootdown program once that program begins

06BRASILIA2002 2006-09-20 19:07
Mission Brazil herewith recommends annual recertification by the President of Brazil's Air Bridge Denial ('shootdown") Program/p>

09BRASILIA1142 2009-09-14 21:09
Mission is confident that there has been no deterioration in Brazilian safety standards over the last year and recommends that the Presidential Determination on the Brazilian Shootdown Law be renewed for 2009

This is one of five topics containing the keyword 'aircraft'. The others deal with rendition, Brazils purchase of the FX fighter, Varig's problems and their implications for Boeing, and airline security.

To explore these and other topics in the wikileaks corpus try the browser: use your web browser's search function to find topics mentioning your chosen keyword ('aircraft' in the example above), and explore the topics you uncover ...

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